Frankfort Area Historical Society

~Preserving Frankfort's past  for its future!

The Foundation grew out of a grassroots movement to preserve an iconic piece of Frankfort's history, the water tower. The annual ice cream social is a 10-year tradition that celebrates the community spirit that is alive and well in Frankfort. It is typically held on the Sunday before Labor Day (Fall Fest) weekend from 4-6PM at the Frankfort Founders Center, 140 Oak Street.

"The historic Water Tower, when role it has in shaping the connection between the past, present and future of Frankfort.  It stands as gatekeeper and guardian of the spirit of our Frankfort Founders and the vigilant oversight of today's citizenry. It looms from our historic center to gaze upon our ever expanding neighborhoods. It connects us all to each other and our past." 

 Following Dan's original mission, the Frankfort Preservation Foundation continues to involve itself in the work of identifying, researching, funding and memorializing important people and places in Frankfort, working hand in hand with the Frankfort Area Historical Society to achieve their mutual goals.